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We are bringing all the fresh thinking to the arts scene in Ormskirk UK, offering classes to kids aged 4 to 19 in Drama, Musical Theatre, Filmmaking.. We are all about connection over competition and fun over formal, within a stress (and screen!) free environment where our students can make new friends, enjoy new hobbies and most definitely grow within new skills. 


It is our mission to offer exciting opportunities that nurture confidence, stability and bright, beaming pride within our students (and parents!) through a teaching style that is kind, caring and encouraging.


We are here for anyone who dreams of being within the arts scene; a place to learn, a place to grow and 100% a place where you can shine as your brilliant, best self!

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Join us every Saturday morning at Ormskirk School, Wigan Road, Ormskirk, L39 2AT.

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I am so excited to bring my passion, experience, and positive energy to SHOWBIZ Performing Arts Academy! I know how important my drama and performing arts classes were for me when I was younger – it was the place where I built my confidence, where I made my life-long best friends, where I felt I could be my true self and genuinely my favourite part of every week! I want Showbiz to provide all of that and more for your child!! 

I have a BA (hons) degree in Musical Theatre and an MA in Acting. I have been teaching classes in all areas of Performing Arts for 9 years alongside being an actor, a theatre producer and running my own theatre company.


The most important thing to me is that your child feels they are in a safe space to try new things, to explore, to create and to connect. I want them to grow in self-belief, feel happy about themselves and make face to face connections away from the pressures of social media and school. There will be regular performance opportunities as I know how much fun they are and the achievement and buzz you feel after a show- there’s no feeling like it! They will also work with  professional filmmakers to create their own short films and then be able to watch them at a local cinema screening!! They will also have the option to work towards LAMDA exam qualifications.

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'Bex' the principal and founder of Showbiz performing arts in Ormskirk UK
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“No business like SHOWBIZness” what an incredible company to be apart of… my daughter is 13 years old, it is so amazing to see her week on week coming out oozing in confidence, and always with the biggest smile.. The friendships she has made, the development within her drama / singing and the staff that go above and beyond each week to help the children, just so amazing to be apart of. I have been so extremely proud watching my daughter’s development on stage in quite a few shows, i can’t recommend this company enough. Thank you all for everything 👏🏻 xxx

Our daughter, Holly, began with Showbiz in September, aged 9years. Since the moment she arrived she was greeted with smiles and positivity. After some huge knocks to her confidence last year, the staff and content at Showbiz have helped her find her sparkle again! She loves going each week.. She has made new friends and loves what she learns. Thank you for nurturing back Hollys self esteem and giving her something to enjoy every weekend. I would strongly recommend Showbiz Academy x

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Free Taster Session!

Join us on Saturdays between 9:45am - 1pm for a free taster at Ormskirk High School.

We are so excited to bring Showbiz Performing Arts Academy to Ormskirk. Students can enjoy weekly classes, plus opportunities for regular theatre performances, cinema screenings for their own films, LAMDA exam qualifications, and much more! This is their chance to shine! Start new hobbies, learn new skills, meet new friends and have fun being their brilliant, bright selves! Not sure if it's for you? Sign up for a free taster session to see !

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